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Aquarium Filter Media Bundle

Aquarium Filter Media Bundle

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Dive deep into aquarium excellence with our Aquarium Filter Media Bundle!

Keep your underwater oasis crystal clear and your fish friends happy with this dynamic duo: activated carbon and ceramic rings, complete with a free bag for easy storage and maintenance.

Packed with power, the activated carbon absorbs odors and impurities like a superhero, leaving your tank fresh and clean. Meanwhile, the ceramic rings provide a cozy home for beneficial bacteria, ensuring a healthy, balanced ecosystem for your aquatic buddies.

Say goodbye to murky waters and hello to underwater paradise! Upgrade your fish tank game with our Aquarium Filter Media Bundle today. It's the ultimate accessory for fish enthusiasts who want nothing but the best for their finned friends! 🐟🌿

Features: - Effectively absorb micro particles and debris- For crystal clear aquarium water- For freshwater and marine environment- Premium quality- Highly porous and absorbent to last longer- For freshwater and marine environment- Eliminates toxic ammonia- Reduces stress on fish- Ideal for new or heavily populated aquariumUsage: Wash before use. Note: This is manual weighing, please accept ±5g.

Package includes:1 Pack of Filter Media1 x Filter Net Bag (black or white)

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