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Mobile Phone Charging Port Dust Plug

Mobile Phone Charging Port Dust Plug

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Introducing our Mobile Phone Charging Port Dust Plug, the ultimate solution for keeping your iPhone 14, 13 Pro Max, and other devices clean and ready to go!

Say goodbye to pesky dust and debris invading your precious charging port with our handy cleaner kit. Designed with precision and durability in mind, this tool ensures a spotless connection every time, keeping your device running smoothly and efficiently.

But wait, there's more! Our versatile cleaner brush isn't just limited to your phone's charging port. It's also perfect for tidying up your computer keyboard, ensuring that every keystroke is as crisp and clear as the first.

Compact, convenient, and oh-so-effective, our dust plug and cleaner tool combo is a must-have for any tech-savvy individual. Say hello to hassle-free charging and typing, and goodbye to dirt and grime. Get yours today and experience the difference!

A - Description: 
Product name: Applicable For Apple series USB dust plug
Applicable model: For Apple series phone
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum alloy

B - Description: 
This product is shower mini cleaning brush, specially used for crevice cleaning, efficient deep cleaning,
Can go deep into gaps and holes to remove blockages.
Nylon bristles can effectively clean dirt from holes in the nozzle without damaging the surface
Category: Shower Mini cleaner
Size: 6 * 0.5 cm.
Material: Polypropylene, nylon, plastic
Color: White
Unit: Set of 10

C/D - Description: 
Light and compact, suitable for most headphones, mobile phones, mosquito lamp, humidifier, keyboard, etc.
Environmental protection material, does not damage the headset parts;
Intelligent design, easy to carry, the best cleaning tool.
Material: PP plastic.
Size: 65*15mm, thickness 3~6mm, hair length 15mm.
Color: White, Black.

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