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Multipurpose Measure Level Laser

Multipurpose Measure Level Laser

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The Multipurpose Measure Level Laser is the ideal tool for any professional or home DIY enthusiast. Perfect for hanging pictures, drilling holes, aligning tiles and much more, this device is designed to take the guesswork out of any job that requires precise measurements. With intuitive vertical and horizontal lasers, you can easily mark straight edges with accuracy and speed. Plus, it features an integrated magnet that allows you to secure the laser table in place with ease during use. Also great for clamping or screwing into surfaces as needed, the Multipurpose Measure Level Laser can also be used outdoors since it's dust and water-resistant. So don't waste time measuring by hand - get your jobs done quickly and accurately with this essential tool!




Type: Vertical & Horizontal Lasers
Size: H:63mm W:35mm L:188mm
Precision: High
Wavelength: 650nm-680nm
Model Number: Laser Level
Measurement Model: 2 lines
Certification: CE

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